Customer Appreciation Strategies

In the sales setting, customer appreciation is not just about making the customer think good things about your brand, but also about boosting business when you need it the most. Your slow season is the best time of year to host an event or sale to get people in the door or online, shopping or booking an appointment. Here are some things you can do to accomplish this goal.

Reaching your Customers
We know this is a digital world, but you'll never reach 100% of your customers with online banner ads and email blasts. So how can you reach them then? Direct mail! Consider sending a personalized postcard to your customers to announce events and sales, and to provide exclusive discount codes.

Use your Data

CRM and POS systems can store a plethora of data, but it's like throwing money down the drain if you don't do anything with that information. Analyze the data and segment your customers to offer different promotions for each, based on their purchase behaviors. 

With print marketing in mind, below are some ways you can reach your customers and boost sales and engagement when you need it the most.

Customer Appreciation Day Event - Invite your most valued customers (or those that haven't shopped in a while) to a special sale event in-store and/or online. Follow up your email blast with a postcard invitation. Be sure to dress your store and window display with signage to inform guests about the event.

Birthdays - Make your customers feel special with a unique gift just for them. This can be in the form of a discount or free item with purchase, valid around the time of their birthday. Some unique mailers we have seen for this were designed as birthday cards. 

We Miss You - Some customers seem to fall off the grid. You can't track any sales for them online or in-store. Maybe it's time to send a reminder that wants them back. Send a "we miss you" message to them with an exclusive promo code. If the discount is good enough, you just might get them back. Then follow this piece with a drip campaign designed to get them to make another purchase. 

Selfie Station - Have a little fun and get your customers to promote your brand all at the same time. Add graphics to in-store mirrors or set up a backdrop that customers can't resist taking a picture with. Don't forget to incorporate your logo into the design. Your brand should be easily recognizable. 

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