Give a Warm Welcome with Window Graphics

Do you need to refresh your space? Looking for some design inspiration for your windows? Window graphics are the answer! From retail storefronts to corporate branding, real estate leasing and more, we have window graphic solutions for you. Take a look at the video below to see the various ways we have used window graphics for our customers.

Ways to Use Window Graphics

Barricade/Coming Soon – Many retailers are revamping their look and or concept. That’s where barricade window graphics come in. Cover your exterior facing windows with vinyl graphics during renovation. This serves to hide unsightly construction, while also doubling as a billboard to advertise what’s to come. We seen customers include a web address to their careers page on their website, and even QR codes so interested consumers can quickly learn more about the product, loyalty programs, service or brand that’s being promoted on the windows.

Real Estate and Leasing – Another great way to use window graphics is for real estate and leasing. Promote your available space with window graphics that are bold, to the point and can also provide additional details. From exterior facing signage that say “now leasing” to interior facing window graphics in a sales office that showcase the highlights of buying or leasing in the building.

Store Front – Store front window graphics are perfect for retail stores! Use graphics to brand your store or as part of your window display. We have many customers who combine graphics applied to the windows with the display to bring dimension to their window display. Get creative and pleasure the eye with fun, bold and playful graphics. Switching up your window graphics is an easy way to refresh to look of your store.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) can also use store front graphics to draw attention to their business. Captivate the appetite with delicious photos of your food, add your menu and promote your hours. Give them a reason to come in and try something new.

Directional – Much like the yellow brick road, your window graphics can lead consumers where you want. Consider how you can use directional signage on glass doors, walls and windows to guide consumers through your space.

Events – Whether held outside or inside a convention center, window graphics are a terrific signage solution for event marketing. Give guests a warm welcome with an oversized graphic on a building exterior. Brand the inside of an event space too by using graphics in windows.

Art – You can really liven up a space with creative graphics that act as art. One organization reproduced art on the exterior building windows, while a corporate office brought a nice view to the break room with graphics on the windows so employees were not stuck looking at the parking garage next door. From use at museums and exhibits, to schools and offices, from outside to inside, the possibilities are endless.

Corporate settings – Brand your space and breathe some life into with fresh new graphics that inspire and motivate your team. Start with the entrance glass doors and windows and work your way into privacy films on glass conference walls and doors. These don’t have to be boring. We can add a frosted translucent affect or even use some color. Design options are limitless.

As we prepare to welcome back more employees and customers think about how you can use graphics to refresh your space and create good vibes for all to enjoy. We hope you found some inspiration throughout the project examples in our video. Contact us to discuss your next project and how we may be able to help. From planning to design, production to installation, we have you covered.