8 Branding No-No's to Toss Out

There are many traditional practices or "rules" when it comes to marketing. Specifically in the internal marketing space, brands tend to give this the least amount of thought or creative juice, so things tend to be a little outdated and stale. Sometimes you just need to think outside the box. Brands that do this successfully are the ones that get remembered. Think: Out with the old and in with the new. Here are eight ideas that challenge traditional environmental branding.

1. Keep things simple so that people can understand them. WRONG – People crave playfulness and energy in their space. Fuel the excitement and engagement by taking a bold approach to all of your branding efforts. Like naming your conference room after David Bowie, see photo.

2. Keep your brand messaging short. WRONG – Imagine walking the halls of Bloomingdale's where you learn something new about the company's history on every floor you visit. This is fun.

3. Follow all brand rules. WRONG (to some extent) – We are ambassadors for brand standards and consistency, but we also believe in pushing the status quo. See earlier blog on reasons to break the rules

4. Respect the audience’s time. WRONG – Get interactive with your walls. Magnetic or dry erase walls keep your staff involved and engaged. Time is money, but there is more value in getting team members involved with decision making and idea input. They feel valued and you get to hear great ideas from those you least expected! Give it a try.

5. Always use brand-approved colors. WRONG – There are many times you should incorporate an array of colors. If you are making a statement for a cause, we have seen people use rainbow colors for pride, red for military and pink for breast cancer awareness. Marc Jacobs recently wrapped their brick building in pink vinyl to promote their new line. If you can not brave the alternative to brand approved colors, consider temporary brand elements in your space for a change of scenery. Changeable graphics include posters, banner stands, dimensional boxes, removable decals, magnetic displays and more.

6. Remember the company values. RIGHT AND WRONG – Hold true to the company values and proudly display them on your walls! However, the workforce is ever-evolving with new minds and personalities entering your space every day. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate whether your values are still applicable to the generation that makes up your staff. Spark the conversation with management and executives if you desire a change.

7. Full wall murals are not necessary. WRONG – Check out the stunning wall murals that we recently installed for National Geographic. The murals tell the company’s story without the use of words. Emotion and passion radiates from their walls. If you don’t plan to use tacky vinyl, consider wall coverings with texture to add depth and personality. See our earlier blog on wall materials

8. Re-branding is hard. WRONG – We have launched so many successful re-brands and added excitement and energy to every department and employee. If you are preparing for a corporate re-brand, consider it from all angles, like the branding of your physical space, online presence, internal communications, apparel and tools. Finally, add fuel to the hype with goodies for a launch. We are your partner with the resources to flawlessly execute your re-brand. Take a look below at what we’ve done for TTEC’s nationwide offices.

Don't be afraid to spice things up a bit with your branding and office graphics. Contact us to learn how we can help plan, produce and implement new designs for your space.

TTEC Nasdaq photo credit: https://martechseries.com/sales-marketing/customer-experience-management/customer-experience-pioneer-and-leader-ttec-launches-new-look-to-complement-new-name/